Elevatori, the international sector magazine for the vertical transport sector, has been for a long time the official gazette of IAEE.

Starting from the 2010 Elevcon Congress, Elevatori started to award a prize for the best paper and best  stand (poster session): the “Elevatori Hi-Tech Award”.

The first Elevatori Hi-Tech Award 2010 went to Adrian Godwin. His futuristic “Skytrak” circular transportation project was awarded by the jury as “it offers architects a new degree of freedom  for building shapes and configurations”.

In 2012, the “Hi-Tech Award” was awarded to Karl Weinberger and his paper “Elevator car brake”, a lifts braking system located directly in the car.

At Elevcon 2023 the “Hi-Tech Award” for the best technical paper was awarded to Henri Hakonen, KONE for his paper “Simulation Based Design of Transportation Systems in Buildings”. The award was presented by Matteo Volpe, editor of Elevatori Magazine. The award committee was composed by Dr. Marja-Liisa Siikonen,  Elevcon 2023 Chairwoman & Programme Manager.

As in previous editions, the “Hi-Tech Award” will be awarded to the best paper relevant to state-of-the-art technique subjects (the prize is still to be defined).

The panel of judges (jury members to be announced) will consist of IAEE Board of Directors and delegates of Elevatori magazine.

This initiative is meant to strengthen the link between the Elevatori magazine and IAEE, which are both highly interested in the knowledge exchange and disclosure of new sector technologies for the vertical transportation.